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Nicky Souness

About Nicky Souness

Photography Guide
You may also see Nicky in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Nicky grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where she graduated from the Academy of Design and Photography with a specialization in wildlife photography. Since 2003, Nicky has dedicated her life to nature photography and conservation, spending time in an array of remote wilderness destinations. She was based for many years at some of Africa’s premium safari lodges. Life in the wilds furnished Nicky with not only her field guide qualifications but also a deep knowledge and understanding of the wildlife she loves to photograph. Through photography and guiding, she channels her passion with others, hopefully contributing to the continued existence of those wild lands.

Since traveling to Antarctica in 2013, Nicky has developed a fascination with the high latitudes and their seemingly endless summers. She now splits her time between both Polar Regions, photographing their unique, natural beauty. You can find her out on deck scanning for wildlife, but the thing that truly speaks to her is the simplicity of the landscapes. "When photographing wildlife in the Polar Regions, it is important to allow these landscapes to frame and complement the species living within them". This fragile and constantly changing environment is what Nicky tries to portray in her images. Her deepest passion lies in conservation. Nicky believes images are a potent tool for opening people’s eyes to the importance of wildness in our world.

When not on an expedition ship, Nicky is based in South Africa on her Nature Reserve working to protect critically endangered species.