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Pat Lurcock

About Pat Lurcock

Presenter & Expedition Guide


After graduating with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, Pat joined the British Antarctic Survey as a geophysics technician and spent a double winter at the Halley base, studying Earth’s magnetic field and learning about computers. After a short stint programming in the U.K., Pat joined the Falkland Islands government and lived in Stanley, the capital, for 3 years, providing IT support for all departments with the fishery administration. This led to a 4-month tour on South Georgia doing basic harbor administration, which eventually extended to 25 years, during which he played a part in developing the island’s fishery administration, tourism administration and biosecurity procedures.

Pat also developed a keen interest in all aspects of South Georgia, from biology, geology and history to environmental management and industry. After spending so much time working for the South Georgian government, he has a good grasp of the issues that arise when operating in, and managing activities within, remote wilderness areas.

A Nordic ski-touring enthusiast, Pat has done multi-week tours in the U.S. and New Zealand, plus longer expeditions as a leader with BSES Expeditions in Chile, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Svalbard. He also took part in the first end-to-end traverse of South Georgia in 1999 and has crewed on a couple of high-latitude sailing trips.