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Pauline Robert de Gesnais

About Pauline Robert de Gesnais

French Presenter & Guide


Passionate about living in harmony with her environment, Pauline developed a love of nature growing up on a farm in central France. An environmental engineer, she wanted to improve her practical and theoretical knowledge of nature by participating in scientific expeditions in Greenland. Five years ago, having fallen in love with the region, Pauline and her husband decided to become polar guides.

Pauline also studied environmental economy, which is why she is always thinking about how we can improve the harmony between our social, physical and natural environments within our society. Before discovering the Polar Regions, she assisted companies as an environmental consultant, improving the composition of their products to have the healthiest impact on the planet, identifying energy-reduction potentials and underlying environmental impacts of professional activities, designing environmental and social action plans, and enlightening innovations that provide both technical and environmental solutions.

During the rest of the year, you can find Pauline in Greenland, supporting researchers or guiding and sharing her passion for the region with other people; in the French forest, trying to ensure there is a high quality and diversity of trees; or holding talks with children or adults, sharing her passion for environmental topics. She favors long evening chats over partying, working on group projects over going on shopping trips, fruit over meat, and TED Talks over soap operas.