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Peter Cammell

About Peter Cammell

Mountain Safety Guide
You may also see Peter in the following role(s): Logistics Coordinator and Expedition Guide

Inspired by the adventures of Sir Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest and in the Antarctic, Peter has been climbing in the mountains and on rock for over forty years. He has achieved a number of first ascents in the Himalayas and in the New Zealand Alps. In recent years, Peter has summited both Mount Everest and Mount Denali. He continues to climb professionally and personally.

A pharmacist, Peter works as a health and safety auditor and technical expert for the NZ Adventure Activity industry. He also develops, coordinates and delivers climbing and instruction programs for 'committed' alpinists and rock climbers. He is a past president and long-serving member of the New Zealand Alpine Club.

Passionate about people, the outdoors and the mountains in particular, Peter loves to introduce others to the challenges of mountaineering by sharing his enthusiasm, knowledge and skills.