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Roswitha Mueller

About Roswitha Mueller

Polar Boutique Manager
You may also see Roswitha in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Roswitha is a hospitality specialist now working as the onboard boutique manager for Quark's polar voyages. More than three decades of experience has developed her expertise in hotel management, food & catering, accounting, European Tour Director and more….. Roswitha has worked all over the world - from 5-star hotels in Austria and Switzerland, world-cruise ships, to the iconic Russian icebreakers Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Antarctic and Kapitan Dranitsyn in the High Arctic. Roswitha has thrived in some of the most difficult operations in extreme and remote areas. She is unflappable and always welcoming, the friendly face of your expedition 'retail therapy' and the highly organised 'musterer' for gangway operations. Roswitha is fluent in German, English (and not bad in Italian and Spanish).

Between seasons, you may find her leading travel tours through Europe. Roswitha’s current home base is Perth, Western Australia where she enjoys spending time outdoors with her niece and nephew.

Roswitha's many memorable polar experiences keep her returning - from standing at the top of the world – the trip on the nuclear icebreaker to the North Pole - to being mesmerized by expansive penguin colonies. Breathtaking! Roswitha loves watching polar guests when they prepare for their first polar 'landing' – "mostly nervous but with overflowing excitement on their faces".