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Simon Fortier

About Simon Fortier

Expedition Guide
You may also see Simon in the following role(s): French Expedition Guide and SUP Support

Simon is always in pursuit of the next adventure. When not strumming his guitar or playing cribbage, Simon is usually hard to find, choosing to spend his time in remote locations where he likes to ski, fish, canoe and climb, often documenting his adventures along the way.

In 2012, Simon began guiding in the Arctic on wildlife observation expeditions. He recalls guiding guests down a glacial fjord off the eastern coast of Baffin Islands, mesmerized by the jaw-dropping beauty of the settings that surrounded him; that’s when he knew his passion for nature and adventure would soon become a vocation. Simon has guided professionally on numerous expeditions throughout the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Canadian Rockies, often calling a tent 'home' for multiple weeks at a time.

His endless energy, passion and desire to share his appreciation and knowledge of the natural world is what makes every trip with Simon so enjoyable.