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Stephen DesRoches

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About Stephen DesRoches

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Stephen is a full-time creative, artist, designer, and photographer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He started his career with a brief stint as a painter, but quickly moved on to working with technology. Since 2002, Stephen has been part of a design team that has worked on product photography for web stores, logo design for Firefox, educational platforms for learning languages and emergency medicine, and a reverse photography search engine. Since 2010, Stephen has also worked as a photographer with Parks Canada and more recently, the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Stephen’s love for The North began with a trip to Greenland in 2015. It is a place that he has returned to multiple times to photograph, teach photography, and experience the always-changing icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord and Disko Bay. Stephen joined Quark Expeditions in 2022 to continue his polar exploration and his love of the snow and ice-covered landscape.

Travel photography is best created without expectations but created with intent and purpose. Stephen believes photography is a gift to see and think about the world differently and loves watching others be excited about those photographic moments. There is no better souvenir than going home with memory cards full of lasting memories and a story to tell.