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Steve Fisher

About Steve Fisher

Helicopter Pilot

Steve was born in London and moved to Devon at the age of 5. Living on Dartmoor introduced Steve to all the wonders that nature offers. He is often found building Treehouses and exploring the outdoors with great curiosity.

Unsure of what career path to follow, Steve joined the British Army to pursue his constant search for adventure. During the 25 years Steve spent in the military, he volunteered for as many overseas posts as he could. Some of the more interesting places Steve lived included: Brunei, Belize, Cyprus, and Canada. Steve is passionate about aviation and started flying in 1997. He has amassed over 6000 hours or 250 days solidly strapped to an aircraft.

 Steve also enjoys building “stuff”. He has renovated almost every house he has owned, built kit cars, and the current project is building an off-grid camper van. He is also a keen motorcyclist and would like to feel the wind in his hair, if he had any.

 Steve moved to Scotland in 2014 to fly helicopters offshore and has more recently started operating from superyachts. He lives in Aberdeenshire with his family who also share a love of travel. 

 Steve is a social character and is always happy to meet new people, so stop him for a chin wag.