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Sylvia Hsueh

About Sylvia Hsueh

Mandarin Linguist


Born and educated in Taiwan, Sylvia majored in marine recourse and biology. Her master’s research is focused on fish acoustics and the systematics of the Terapontidae family of fish. During her master’s, she assisted with the International Kuroshio Science Symposium and was a team member in the program-acoustic database of wildlife in Taiwan, for which she fished, dove and recorded underwater, and analyzed the sound by computer. Sylvia has also worked as a school teacher, tour guide and docent at a museum and aquarium.

A lover of wildlife and diving, Sylvia spends most of her time guiding diving and snorkeling, sharing her passion for reefs with others. After spending the last 2 years in Australia on a working holiday, she is excited to experience her second year with Quark Expeditions and share her knowledge and love of nature with you.