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Tristan Ray-Wilks

About Tristan Ray-Wilks

Expedition Guide


This is Tristan. As you see him around your ship, he’ll probably have this same big, goofy smile on his face. That’s because he’s in one of his happy places: Antarctica.

Tristan grew up in British Columbia, Canada, and currently resides on the coast. His childhood mainly consisted of several trips per week to local beaches, fields, forests and swamps. While earning a college diploma in adventure tourism, Tristan developed a passion for protecting whatever environment he was in. On most canoe, hiking and biking trips, for example, he initiated cleanups, which inevitably led him to continue his schooling at the university level. There, on Vancouver Island, he studied environmental resource management and environmental sciences. Through various jobs, he eventually found his passion, ecotourism; he has been a wildlife guide for the past 11 years and will probably continue guiding for the rest of his life. As he says, “Through sparking fascination and excitement we are able to create an emotional attachment to what we experience. Creating such an attachment will determine how well we treat this Earth we all call home.”.

Tristan also sits on the board of directors for the Cetus Research and Conservation Society (, a marine-based education stewardship that focuses on the safety of all marine mammals inhabiting Vancouver Island’s inside passage.

To relax, Tristan turns to the sea yet again as a photographer and avid freediver.