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Valeria Olivares

Valeria Olivares

About Valeria Olivares

Polar Boutique Manager
You may also see Valeria in the following role(s): Gateway Logistics Coordinator

Valeria was born in Ushuaia, Argentina, where she developed a strong connection with the natural wonders of her homeland from an early age. Her love for nature led her to enjoy activities such as bird and marine mammal watching, trekking on snowy nights, camping with friends, and watching sunsets.

Since 2019, Valeria has been part of the Quark Expeditions team as a Gateway Logistics Coordinator, working in Ushuaia during the Antarctic season and in Helsinki, Oslo, and Reykjavik during the Arctic summers. Her job involves organizing logistics for travelers embarking on polar expeditions.

When not traveling, Valeria can be found at her cabin in Ushuaia, pursuing her hobbies of carpentry, painting, and crafting.

She believes in the importance of connecting with the vastness and remoteness of the polar regions and often shares this advice with passengers. Valeria's unique perspective and love for her homeland inspire many to explore and cherish the natural wonders of the polar regions.