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Vickie Rochon

About Vickie Rochon

Expedition Guide


Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Vickie is an outdoor professional. Though she initially specialized as a sea kayaking guide and naturalist, she has recently focused on being a remote-expedition trip leader. She has a diploma in adventure tourism, and a degree in outdoor leadership and management from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.
Since graduating, Vickie has held a wide variety of positions in a range of disciplines and locales, including teaching sea kayaking and alpine skiing; guiding extended canoe and trekking trips in the Yukon; ski patrolling in Vancouver; leading sea kayaking and backpacking expeditions in Svalbard; and co-leading polar trips in Baffin Island, where she finally discovered a deep passion for the Polar Regions.
When guiding, Vickie is keen to share her love of and fascination with wilderness and nature. She enjoys introducing people to remote locations. You might hear her say, “The best part is the fact that each stunning place in this world brings people together as they discover it.”