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Yves Adams

About Yves Adams

Photography Guide
You may also see Yves in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

A celebrated wildlife and landscape photographer from Belgium, Yves is passionate about the Arctic. He picked up his first camera at a very young age, mainly to show his parents why he loved spending so much time in the forest. He was also an early and very keen birdwatcher, always looking for a new adventure.

In his twenties, Yves worked with several nature-protection organizations. He learned how to show the beauty of nature to others and became an inspired nature guide and photography teacher. Guiding international photo tours was the next step and has brought him to all corners of the planet, from Alaska and Japan to Galapagos and Greenland and just about every country in Europe.

Besides being passionate about nature, Yves has a big heart for people. He teaches with great patience and enthusiasm and is always happy to help, whatever the question. He delights in pushing his students’ creative limits to see the outcomes. Whether at sea or on land, Yves will identify the most photogenic spots and unique photo opportunities. He considers the Arctic the most stunning place on Earth for nature and landscape photography and has been exploring the region intensively for over ten years, leading expeditions by boat, snow scooter and skis. Returning every year, he considers Svalbard and Greenland his second home.

Yves is an award-winning freelance photographer and, when in Belgium, works for governments and NGOs, meticulously documenting the local fauna, flora and environment. He is more than happy to share his knowledge so that you can lift your photography to the next level.