Explore the remote coast of East Greenland and Scoresbysund

Arctic Expeditions

The most rugged, remote, ice-choked and unexplored regions in the world are waiting to deliver the richest travel experience you will ever have—intimate wildlife encounters, diverse landscapes, and exquisite natural beauty. Trailblazer, nature-enthusiast or bucket-lister, we have an Arctic adventure for you.


The world’s largest island teems with life, welcoming you into its breathtaking scenery. East Greenland is vast and remote, very sparsely inhabited and stunning in its austere beauty, while West Greenland has more Indigenous communities and varied wildlife. Both have incredible histories. You can take an express cruise and fly in for the fun—or opt for an in-depth trip to take all the time in the world.

Photo by Samantha Crimmin

Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights

10 days
from $6,695

Voted one of the top destinations to see in 2015 by the New York Times, Greenland has been dramatically shaped—geographically and culturally—by the ice that dominates and is one of the best places to witness the magic of the Northern Lights. The best way to experience the rugged beauty of this nature-lover’s paradise is by ship. Our East Greenland fly-in expeditions make this amazing destination more accessible than ever.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts and Disko Bay

15 days
from $8,495

Enjoy an in-depth exploration of one of Greenland’s most remote regions with the Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts and Disko Bay expedition. As you cruise around this enchanting island, sailing from the icy waters of the little-visited east coast, down to the lush southern tip and up to the charming communities and glaciers of the west coast, spectacular, unspoiled wonders await wherever you go.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Greenland Explorer: Valleys and Fjords

Sailing along Greenland’s southern coast is the best way to sample the country’s rich biodiversity and to encounter an ancient culture surviving in a modern world. From relaxing in Uunartoq hotsprings to exploring historic Norse and Viking sites, to experiencing traditional Inuit settlements, this 15-day voyage to the dramatic land of valleys and fjords offers something for every interest.


Under the Northern Lights: Exploring Iceland & East Greenland

14 days
from $7,495

Cruising along Iceland’s mountainous Vestfjords and Greenland’s remote northeast coast, home to the largest fjord system in the world, you’ll discover diverse and dramatically rugged landscapes rich in iconic arctic wildlife.


Your quest for the farthest reaches of the earth can bring you to the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago—the realm of the polar bear. This landscape between Norway and the North Pole is remote and rugged, its vistas glistening and gorgeous. The varied itineraries and flexible schedules of our Spitsbergen expeditions make your visit an absolute certainty—and long overdue.


Arctic Saga: Exploring Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen

14 days
from $4,995

The Arctic Saga: Exploring Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen itinerary will have you traveling under the midnight sun to some of the most remote islands on the planet, where only a small number of adventurers have ever left their footprints. Sailing across the North Atlantic, you’ll be immersed in the region’s rugged beauty and whaling and Viking history, visiting the awe-inspiring and unspoiled destinations of Fair Isle, the Faroe Islands, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen.

Photo by David Merron

Four Arctic Islands: Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Greenland and Iceland

18 days
from $10,995

From impressive icebergs to iconic wildlife to traditional Inuit culture and more, the Four Arctic Islands: Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Greenland and Iceland expedition gives you a generous sampling of four unique Arctic regions. This voyage is ideal for first time visitors who want a taste of everything the Arctic has to offer.

Intro to Spitsbergen: Fjords, Glaciers and Wildlife of Svalbard

10 days
from $6,495

This voyage provides the opportunity to get a taste of everything the Arctic has to offer, from polar bears and walrus to spectacular scenery. You’ll be treated to daily presentations by your Expedition Team onboard the ship, and daily wildlife sightings on land. Hike, explore and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic on your visit to Spitsbergen.

Spitsbergen Explorer: Wildlife Capital of the Arctic

12 days
from $6,995

Combining the best of Spitsbergen — exploring the western edge of the island and venturing to some northern outlying areas home to polar bears and walrus — this voyage is the classic Arctic expedition. Packed with options for snowshoeing, sea-kayaking, and whale-viewing, this is the perfect expedition for exploring the "wildlife capital of the Arctic".

Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief

7 days
from $3,995

Pack in all the excitement of an epic long arctic cruise into only seven days with the Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief itinerary. In just a week, you’ll cruise through the pack ice up to 80°N along the west coast of Spitsbergen like an explorer of long ago, on a constant search for wildlife.

Spitsbergen In Depth: Big Islands, Big Adventure

14 days
from $8,995

During this voyage we’ll attempt a circumnavigation of Spitsbergen. The island offers highly-coveted opportunities to view polar bears and walrus, who feed in the food-rich icy waters around the island. Whales and seabirds will also entertain you during the sailing portions of the expedition, and on Zodiac excursions, you may catch a glimpse of reindeer or fox.

Three Arctic Islands: Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen

15 days
from $9,995

This popular, award-winning expedition cruise takes you from high above the Arctic Circle in Spitsbergen, to Scoresbysund on the northeast coast of Greenland, ending in fascinating Iceland. From massive glaciers to bird cliffs, to the best sites for polar bear, reindeer and walrus- spotting, this adventure delivers Arctic beauty in all its splendor.


Steeped in polar history, the Russian High Arctic offers you the rare opportunity to travel to this remote, seldom visited region. From ice-capped peaks to historical sites to iconic arctic wildlife, there’s no shortage of amazing adventures to be had.

Photo by Quark passenger

High Arctic Odyssey: Remote Russian Archipelagos

22 days
from $15,495

Explore the most enigmatic and extreme regions of the Russian High Arctic with our epic High Arctic Odyssey: Remote Russian Archipelagos voyage. In the spirit of a true arctic explorer, you’ll discover breathtaking ice-draped coastlines that are rarely visited by even the most intrepid adventurers.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Jewels of the Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya

16 days
from $9,995

Follow in the footsteps of early arctic explorers on the Jewels of the Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya expedition, voyaging to two of the most isolated, icy archipelagoes in the Russian High Arctic.

The High Arctic

Vast, pure, fragile, stunning in its simplicity, the High Arctic reveals intense beauty at every turn—glacier-topped mountains, jagged coastlines, and majestic wildlife. You’ll find a thriving and varied ecosystem and a history as intoxicating as it is accessible. From the sweeping panoramic vistas to the captivating and remote island inlets to our adventure-filled land-based safari, the to-do list is as long as an Arctic summer day.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Best of the Western Arctic: Canada and Greenland

20 days
from $11,995

Venture far above the Arctic Circle, in a land where the sun never sets and polar bears roam, with the Best of the Western Arctic: Canada and Greenland itinerary. You’ll be exploring the northerly shores of Canada’s Baffin Island and the western coast of Greenland, searching for the wildlife and visiting the communities that call this mysterious realm home.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Northwest Passage: Epic High Arctic

On this new, 17-day voyage departing from Resolute, we’ll hug the remote coast of Ellesmere Island, exploring north Smith Sound before leaving Canadian waters for Greenland. Heading south along its west coast, we’ll take in remote Inuit communities as well as Disko Bay. While exploring deep fjords, ancient glaciers and innumerable icebergs, you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery and unique wildlife.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Northwest Passage: In the Footsteps of Franklin

Sail deep into High Arctic history as you cruise through the maze-like, icy channels of the legendary Northwest Passage on this new 17-day expedition, departing from Kangerlussuaq and following the east coast of Baffin Island. Visit traditional Inuit communities, learn about the whaling heyday of the 1800s and visit the same sites that played an important role in Sir John Franklin’s historic discovery of the sea route.

The North Pole

Get a taste of the ultimate Arctic experience, by journeying to the top of the world.

Photo by Samantha Crimmin

North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

14 days
from $30,995

Standing at the top of the Earth, a glass of champagne in hand – and everywhere you look is south. This 14-day voyage takes place aboard 50 Years of Victory, the world’s most powerful nuclear icebreaker. Crush through multiyear Arctic ice, sightsee by helicopter on the lookout for iconic wildlife, or take a tethered hot-air balloon ride at 90º N, weather permitting.

Bear Island, Norway

The southernmost island in the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, all 172 km2 of Bear Island (Bjørnøya) is a protected nature reserve.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago is situated in the northernmost extremity of North America.
Photo by Quark passenger, Robert Oswll


As the best vantage point for incredible displays of Northern Lights, home of the world's most prolific glaciers and wondrous icebergs, welcoming Inuit elders and the birthplace of kayaking, Greenland is best explored via its coast, as no roads connect the towns.


Located just below the Arctic Circle in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is Europe’s second largest island and owes its existence to numerous volcanoes which merged through various eruptions.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Visitors to Ilulissat, a remote Greenland town in the Arctic Circle, marvel at the Illulisat Icefjord (Ilulissat Kangerlua in Greenlandic), a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.
North Greenland

North Greenland: Thule/Qaanaaq

Qaanaaq, formerly known as Thule, is one of the northernmost towns on the planet.
Photo taken by Quark passenger

North Pole (90° N)

Few places have stirred the hearts and minds of explorers more than the North Pole. It wasn’t until 1948 that anyone actually stood there for the first time.

Northwest Passage

Travel the famed Europe-Asia sea route, where Franklin's Expedition remains lost to this day.

Nunavut, Canada

Canada's newest and largest territory, Nunavut, spans over 2 million km2 in pristine Northern Canada. Formerly a part of the Northwest Territories, the picturesque region is home to just under 32,000 people, mostly Inuit.
Dunnottar Castle


Plan to spend a few days in 'Granite City' Aberdeen, Scotland, before setting sail for Norway via the Orkney Islands and Shetland.


Spitsbergen is the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, located halfway between Norway and the No

Tromsø, Norway

Nestled among fjords, islands and snow-capped mountains you'll find Tromsø, a modern urban center still rich in history, with more traditional Norwegian wooden houses than anywhere else in North
Hot Air Ballooning at the North Pole, photo by Sam Crimmin

Hot Air Ballooning - North Pole

Experience the North Pole in a way few will ever experience – soaring above the Arctic in a hot air balloon*! When weather permits, we'll take you up for a breathtaking bird's eye view of 90° North. Don't forget your camera! *Weather permitting

Paddling Excursion - Arctic

Explore the ocean from a more intimate vantage point on a sit-on-top kayak. No experience is required to manoeuvre these very stable kayaks, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the water, taking in breathtaking landscapes and wildlife.
Sea kayaking in Svalbard, photo by Nicky Souness

Sea Kayaking - Arctic

Kayaking in the Arctic is probably one of the most intimate and inspiring ways you can explore the rugged coastlines and calm bays of the regions we visit.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Snowshoeing - Arctic

Included activity Experience Spitsbergen the way explorers of yesteryear did - by snowshoe. Walk atop fresh snow and visit places that are otherwise inaccessible by foot.
Photo by Acacia Johnson

Currency (Arctic)

Quark’s Arctic voyages visit several different countries, so currency is based on what country you will be visiting during your voyage:  Canada, Norway, Greenland/Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Russia.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Gear Shop and Polar Boutique

The best place to prepare for your Polar expedition is the Quark Gear Shop. The online Gear shop carries all the clothing and equipment you'll need to make the most of your expedition to the Polar regions.

Getting to the Arctic

Quark’s Arctic voyages have various start and end points. Examples of gateway points include Longyearbyen (Svalbard, Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Toronto and/or Montreal (Canada).
Expedition Essentials

Packing Tips

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Ranulph Fiennes We travel to the Polar Regions in the summer months when the weather isn’t that cold, however temperature can change unexpectedly.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Passports and Visas (Arctic)

You are responsible for fulfilling all necessary passport and visa requirements prior to the departure of your voyage. You must have a valid passport to participate in our expeditions. Your passport must be valid for six (6) months beyond the return date of your expedition.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Seasickness (Arctic)

Arctic waters are relatively calm, with the exception of the Denmark Sea. However, bad weather can cause rough water and everyone reacts differently to rough waters or even during the calm seas while on a Zodiac cruise, so please travel with motion sickness medicine.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

The Quark Parka

We know that packing for your Polar voyage may be challenging, so Quark takes the guess work out of packing an appropriate coat. All our passengers will receive our signature yellow expedition parka on the first day you’re onboard the ship.
Photo by Quark passenger

Travel Insurance

Included in the cost of your expedition is an emergency evacuation insurance policy with a maximum benefit of USD$500,000 per paying passenger. This included policy provides coverage only while traveling with Quark Expeditions, between the first and last day of the expedition.
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Arctic Heatwave


We came prepared for ice and snow but to our surprise this Arctic summer was unusually warm with temps never below zero. Signs of global warming?
My stay at Arctic Lodge on Somerset Island was an eye opener. This Arctic was so different from what I had expected on this my first trip to the Arctic. The landscape seems barren but soon we learned from our friendly and knowledgeable guides to focus on the little things. Who would have thought that this barely one inch tall willow tree, spread out on the ground, could be 100 years old.
Big and impressive were some canyons and waterfalls we explored. We stalked musk oxen and were in awe observing big pods of Belugas in the Bay including the dramatic moment when a juvenile Beluga got stranded on a sandbank. Arctic Lodge already prepared a rescue mission when the whale finally struggled free.
One of our groups encountered a group of several polar bears. Unfortunately,
I was not in that group. Seeing polar bears was on top of my list for this trip. But this is Nature, not Disneyland. Sometimes Nature is generous with sightings, sometimes she keeps us waiting. I finally saw my first wild polar bears, mother and cub, right from the lodge in a safe distance.
Just getting to the lodge was an adventure. Staying at the lodge was at the same time simple but quite comfortable. After a day out hiking or riding ATVs the meals at the Lodge were highlights. Gourmet food and sumptuous desserts. A big Thank You to the Weber family and the friendly and knowledgeable guides for making this a very unique and memorable experience

Exceeded expectations


The trip was fantastic from the moment we boarded to the farewell the crew gave us on the way home. The Quark guides are all so friendly and the knowledge they have is immense. Their passion for the areas they are showing us is obvious and infectious. The booking process was seamless and my trip advisor was very patient with my questions. These trip are not cheap but they are worth every cent. I am looking forward to my next trip with these tremendous people.

Unforgettable magnificent experience


Never thought I'd walk away with so many touching moments, beautiful memories, and a refreshed mind thanks to the Arctic trip! Will definitely come back and plan on adventuring with Quark in 2021! Highly recommend the trip & the professional expedition team, they're the highlight of the highlights from this amazing trip..

Amazing Experience!


Adventurous, Unforgettable and Epic!

Wonderful Expedition!!


Everthing exceeded our expectations: scenery,polar bear viewing, artic birds and wildlife etc. The staff were engaging and professional, always very helpfuland knowledgable. All our pretrip communications were well handeled. It was truly a trip of a lifetime for us! Hopefully we will return to Antarctic in a couple of years.

Very good trip. Kudos to the Weber’s for 20 years of greatness at Arctic Watch.


Activities Great. Food great. Animals a little far off. Staff good. Hot showers very good. Fog delayed air flight 24 hours... we were warned, but not warned enough so flight rebooking from Yellowknife was really expensive! If I had understood better, I would have left a full day delay time departing Yellowknife.

Spittsbergen Review


Spittsbergen Review

Trip of a lifetime!


Trip of a lifetime!



Every aspect of this trip was wonderful. The staff was exceptionally helpful; the presentations were both informative and well dopne; the excursions were excellent; the food was good; cabins were clean and adequate in terms of room.

Greg Rainbow & Judy Caulfield


Virtually everything was 5 Star including > the complete organisation and effort to ensure passenger satisfaction, the Ship, all the Crew and Staff, the activities on board and zodiac cruises and landings, food including volume and quantity, and drinks with dinner. BUT > as one of the few smokers on-board I am quite disappointed as the degree to which you totally neglected us insofar as single location which was totally exposed to all the elements!

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