North Pole Express: Barneo Ice Camp

Quark Expeditions Passenger at Barneo Ice Camp

At Quark Expeditions, we are always looking towards the future, and with so many new exciting opportunities ahead - including the launch of our 200-passenger New Build for the 20/21 Antarctic season – we made the decision that the Barneo Ice Camp program no longer fits within our product mix. As such, effective immediately, Quark Expeditions will no longer be offering the program.

Over the past years, we have taken hundreds of explorers to the North Pole for the experience of a lifetime. Our guests have enjoyed mingling with scientists, like-minded travelers and our experienced Expedition team as they explored one of the most remote areas on our planet. Despite no longer offering expeditions to Barneo Ice Camp, we still offer travellers a number of exciting opportunities to explore this incredible part of the world with us.

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