Dr. Mark Jessopp

Special Guest

Despite growing up in Australia, Mark has a passion for cold places and the amazing wildlife that can be found there. Mark started his polar work with the British Antarctic survey, spending two and a half years on their research station at Bird Island, South Georgia. There Mark worked on Antarctic fur seals, leopard seals, penguins and albatrosses. After being re-introduced to society, Mark moved to Ireland where he runs a research programme tracking seabirds and seals, investigating their interactions with fisheries and offshore renewable energy. Mark also studies the effects of a changing climate on seabird populations, and is working on a monitoring programme to study the distribution, breeding success, and foraging dynamics of key seabird species across a climate gradient from polar to temperate regions.

Onboard with Quark, Mark will be recovering and setting up time-lapse cameras to monitor kittiwakes colonies.

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