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Alex McNeil

About Alex McNeil

Director of Product

Born in England and raised in Canada, Alex has also lived in Mexico and Australia and spent extensive time in Argentina and Russia. He considers himself a global citizen and with a Zambian father, British mother and Western Australian wife, has developed a peculiar accent.

Over the past decade, Alex has completed over 100 polar expeditions, including 10 to the geographic North Pole. He has sailed on 14 expedition vessels as well as icebreakers, and completed trips by land and air. Through these experiences, Alex has developed a strong passion for these regions. He has also studied the Russian language and Soviet and Russian polar history. After 16 field seasons, his role now includes the management of field teams and supporting Quark Expeditions’ strategic planning for operations in the Russian Arctic.

In the future, Alex aims to reclaim his grandfather’s farm in Zambia, become fluent in Russian, grow his not-for-profit organization to increase outreach projects in Arctic communities, and make your polar experiences unforgettable.