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Alan McPherson

About Alan McPherson

Expedition Guide

Alan graduated from medical school in 1983 and then spent five years conducting inshore marine biology and human physiology research with the British Antarctic Survey. He overwintered at the Signy Island and Rothera Antarctic stations and was fortunate to be one of the last dog team drivers in Antarctica.

Alan undertook postgraduate training in emergency and diving medicine and worked as a diving medic in the North Sea. He then worked in the Canadian Arctic for 2 years as a Physician. For the last 20 years Alan has worked in Juneau Alaska as an Emergency Physician and Dive Chamber Supervisor. Mountaineering and sailing have been his lifelong passions. He has climbed extensively in Europe, Antarctica, and the Himalayas. He built a steel sailboat and has sailed over 40,000 miles (64,000 Km) in Northern waters with his children as crew. Alan is happy to work with Quark as a guide and to share his love of the polar world.