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Aymie Rioux

About Aymie Rioux

Sea Kayak Guide
You may also see Aymie in the following role(s): Paddle Excursion Guide and French Expedition Guide

Aymie is a keen adventurer and a curious naturalist for whom outdoor adventures are a way of life. She has combined her passion for nature and adventure for work in the travel industry since 2009 and has been exploring the Polar Regions since 2016. Her work as a sea kayaking and trekking guide has taken her across the planet. She has worked in the southern desert, the polar regions, across the Himalayas, in the Andes, and in the Canadian Rockies.

When she is not guiding, Aymie works as a wilderness first aid instructor and you might also find her kitesurfing on the Saint-Lawrence, climbing in the Himalayas or sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. If you cross her path, be aware that her taste for adventure and her passion for the great outdoors might be contagious!