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Camille Logeay-Hattori

About Camille Logeay-Hattori

French Expedition Guide
You may also see Camille in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, Camille has an academic background in computer science, a professional background in education, but most importantly an animate passion for the outdoors.

From an early age he traveled through Europe, North America and Asia, which enabled him to lead outdoor youth and leadership trips. It was on these trips that he discovered the Polar Regions. Inspired by these first experiences, he decided to become an outdoor guide. He completed his certifications in Canada, and became an Outward Bound instructor and backcountry ski guide.

He now splits his time between Japan, where he runs an outdoor and cultural travel agency, and the Polar Regions, where he works as a French expedition guide. Camille's passion for guiding is fueled by the wonder that travelers experience while being led on an adventurous journey, and he is eager to share this passion with you on your Quark Expeditions voyage.