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Chris Howell

About Chris Howell

Guest Services Manager
Chris grew up in the northeast of England, but after spending time in Ireland, Australia, Spain, Greece, and New Zealand, he now calls Canada home. He has cycled the length of Great Britain, walked the length of Ireland, and hopes to complete his travel 'triathlon' by swimming the English Channel next.
Thanks to Quark, Chris has had the opportunity to visit all seven continents. He is a lover of adventure and has guided groups through North and South America since 2008. His advice to first-time adventure travelers is to embrace the story. "Absorb everything you can with a positive attitude and one day, it will be a story you can tell. No one wants to hear about predictable travel and smooth seas. So, ride the wave both literally and figuratively!"
His most memorable polar expedition experience was on the Antarctic Peninsula, standing atop a plateau at Portal Point on a sunny day. Looking down, he saw countless flukes from a pod of whales travelling by. Chris loves watching polar guests having a good time, making connections with one another, and creating memories.