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Chris Howell

About Chris Howell

Guest Services Manager

Chris grew up in Newcastle, England, so, of course he loves his football and talking to anyone who will listen. His mother taught him that it's nice to be important, but twice as important to be nice. So, Guest services it is.​

Ever curious about cultures and places, he has lived in 7 countries and been to 7 continents. Fond of the occasional adventure, he has walked the length of Ireland and cycled the length of the UK end to end whilst raising funds for food initiatives. He's worked a wide array of roles and businesses, but tourism is his favorite without a doubt as "happy people are a joy!"​

He has guided in several North American and European destinations, but acknowledges that the 7th continent is where it is at - "where else can you pause a nature documentary and ask questions?"​

Right now, he lives in Toronto, Canada.