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Dylan White

About Dylan White

Ornithology Presenter
You may also see Dylan in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Growing up, everyone called Dylan the Happy Camper. His love of the outdoors, and its wildlife, has shaped his career. Dylan has worked as a biologist and guide in the Polar Regions since 2014. He has been surrounded by wolves on the tundra, had a humpback mother and calf swim under his zodiac, witnessed the migration of thousands of caribou, and spent many hours watching the amazing lives of seabirds in their colonies.

Dylan keeps coming back to guiding because he loves getting to share in his guests’ excitement when they experience the incredible wildlife of the Polar Regions. His research work gives him insight into many of the facts and mysteries about the lifestyles of these amazing animals.

When he is not working in the field, he can often be found late at night, playing piano and bass in the clubs of Toronto.