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Jaymie MacAulay

About Jaymie MacAulay

Lead Expedition Coordinator & Guide


Growing up in Canada, Jaymie developed a passion for wilderness at a young age. She spent her formative years in the Canadian wilderness, hiking and road-tripping with her family. In her early 20s, Jaymie backpacked around the world for 3 years, which further stimulated her already insatiable desire to travel. She became enamored by the experience of meeting new people in new environments, a revelation that shaped her choices for her subsequent higher education and profession.

After completing a degree in tourism management in 2011, Jaymie joined Quark Expeditions’ head office team. Having visited Antarctica several times as Quark’s merchandise coordinator, she became captivated by the Polar Regions and eventually transitioned to a full-time field position to more readily soak up the bountiful beauty of the extreme ends of the earth. Jaymie has now guided on more than 40 Antarctic voyages and on numerous trips to Greenland, the Canadian Arctic, Iceland, Svalbard and the remote North Pole, where she delights in sharing her love for the regions with others. She considers herself a generalist but has an unrivaled love of the human history in the special places we visit.