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Jaymie MacAulay

About Jaymie MacAulay

Expedition Coordinator
You may also see Jaymie in the following role(s): Expedition Guide and Paddle Excursion Support

Jaymie's love affair with the ocean started at a young age, spending summers on the shores of Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast. After completing her studies in tourism management, Jaymie worked as a guide for international students in southern Ontario, introducing them to the natural wonders of their new home in Canada. She then acquired a position working as a buyer in Quark Expeditions' head office for 3 years. This opportunity allowed her to travel to Antarctica in 2012, where she caught the 'polar bug' and an uncanny sense of home in this distant land. The following year she began guiding for Quark and has since worked in Antarctica, the Sub-Antarctic Islands, Svalbard, Iceland, West Greenland, the High Canadian Arctic and the intangible North Pole.

She calls the cultural hot spot of Toronto, Canada and the temperate rainforest of Juneau, Alaska home. When not working in the high latitudes, Jaymie can be found in some remote café or dive bar, fueling her travel bug, foraging wild edibles, playing on the water, or back-country camping.

The Polar Regions have so much to offer: snow-capped mountains that lead straight to the sea, crackling brash ice, memorable wildlife experiences and wild weather that awakens your senses! Whether it’s in a Zodiac, onshore, or on deck, Jaymie is excited to share her experience, knowledge, and passion for these remote places with you.