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Jodie Geldard

About Jodie Geldard

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
You may also see Jodie in the following role(s): Expedition Guide
Jodie graduated with a Research Master's in Polar and Alpine Change from the University of Sheffield in 2019, and has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and Geology. During her university studies she conducted fieldwork in Norway, Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland, undertaking research in glaciology, geomorphology, geology and hydrology, to name a few fields.
Jodie has worked on expedition ships in the Polar Regions since 2019, and considers herself to have truly caught the polar bug. She loves to watch guests experience the magical charm of the Polar Regions: spotting their first iceberg, witnessing the deep blue hues of a passing iceberg, or hearing the thunderous noise of a glacier calve.
Her keen interest in the Polar Regions began after a 5-week camping and mountaineering expedition to Svalbard in 2011, and has traveled extensively in the European Arctic ever since. Her passion for conservation has led Jodie to participate in the Clean-Up Svalbard campaign to clear rubbish from coastlines around the Norwegian archipelago, as well as volunteer as part of the trail team to build hiking paths and manage erosion in southern Iceland.
Outside of the Polar Regions, Jodie enjoys spending time in the hills and countryside around the U.K., exploring on foot or in the saddle on her beloved childhood horse, Marni.