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Mathieu Depoorter

About Mathieu Depoorter

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
You may also see Mathieu in the following role(s): French Linguist and French Expedition Guide
Mathieu has worked in climate research for seven years in the fields of melting ice, sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and vegetation adaptation to climate change. He holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences and a PhD in Glaciology.
As a glaciologist, Mathieu has studied glaciers, Antarctica, lake ice, permafrost and sea ice. He has seen melting ice from satellite observations, as well as in person on scientific expeditions to Greenland and other Arctic countries. Mathieu has collected ice cores on land, measured glacier melt from oceanic measurements, sailed between icebergs and through sea ice.
At home in Belgium, Mathieu works on implementing the circular economy in Brussels and is, therefore, at the forefront of a global movement that is finding ways to create a nature-like economy.
Passionate about the natural world, he is trying to make a difference in the resolution of the environmental crisis. Sharing his understanding of the Earth system is one way he’s achieving that goal. Fascinated with ice, Mathieu will spend hours explaining glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost regions and more.