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Mike Hambrey

About Mike Hambrey

Geology & Glaciology Presenter
Mike began his career as a glaciologist after graduating from Manchester University in 1970, going on to study glaciers in Norway for his PhD. Subsequently, he held research posts at ETH Zürich and Cambridge University, and then posts at Liverpool John Moores University (as Head of Earth Sciences) and Aberystwyth University in Wales (as Director of the Centre for Glaciology). His undergraduate and master's teaching covered geography, geology and glaciology, and he also supervised many PhD students. He retired from his academic post in 2015 but continues research links at Aberystwyth as Emeritus Professor. Since 2016 he has been involved in several Quark voyages each year, with the aim of promoting understanding of the Polar Regions.
Mike’s research was invariably undertaken from remote field camps, and consequently he has many memorable experiences to share. For his polar research, Queen Elizabeth II has twice honored him in person with the Polar Medal (1989 and 2012). In 2018, he was awarded the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research, while the naming of Hambrey Cliffs in Antarctica also recognizes his contribution to polar science.
As an advocate of presenting science to the public, Mike lectures widely around the UK. He has also published several books, including Islands of the Arctic, Glaciers and The Continent of Antarctica.
Back at home in the Lake District, England, Mike continues to write scientific papers and books, but also enjoys mountain-walking, landscape photography and choral singing.