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Sarah Bernstein

About Sarah Bernstein

Expedition Guide


A childhood spent wandering the Rocky Mountains of Colorado ingrained in Sarah a deep love of and appreciation for the natural world. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Sarah spent most of her childhood and adolescence exploring mountains but was always fascinated by the sea and the mystery of its diverse and dynamic creatures. As a teen, she made her intrigue of the sea a reality, finding any way to get close to the ocean. She spent her senior project exploring the realms beneath the waves as she was certified as an underwater naturalist, advanced and rescue scuba diver in the Caribbean.

This passion for the sea and love of the mountains brought Sarah to the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States, to the green state of Washington. It was at this juncture, where the temperate rainforest meets the sea, that Sarah completed both her undergraduate and her graduate work. With a BA in Latin American Studies from Evergreen State College and a Masters in Environmental Curriculum Design from the University of Washington, Sarah has worked and studied all over the world. Her studies include research of green sea turtles in Costa Rica, pre-Columbian cultures of Argentina Patagonia and cetaceans of the North Pacific. In between studying, Sarah worked for 8 years as a sea kayak guide along the orca highway of the Salish Sea. This is where she found her true passion of connecting with the sea.

Taking expedition guiding to a new level, Sarah has been working as a wilderness EMT and expedition guide on small adventure vessels for 6 years. Weaving together conservation, education, adventure and a deep appreciation for the natural world, she has guided and created expeditions in Alaska, Costa Rica, Panama, the Inside Passage and the Sea of Cortez. Finding a unique way to combine science and adventure, she has also led conservation research programs in the Galapagos, Bahamas and Salish Sea.

Whether that is a deeper look at how the diversity of plankton is correlated to an abundance of wildlife or the dynamic interconnections layered in every ecosystem, Sarah is always looking for ways to examine the relationships of the world around us. It’s the appreciation and attention to the small things that Sarah will be most exited to share with you as you explore the exciting terrestrial and marine landscape.