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Sarah Bernstein

About Sarah Bernstein

Sea Kayak Guide
You may also see Sarah in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Sarah Bernstein hails from the San Juan Islands, nestled in the American Pacific Northwest waters of the Salish Sea. Sarah has been guiding expeditions since 2006 and has worked in Antarctica since 2017.

With a Master’s degree in Science Education, Sarah has led field expeditions all over the world – her favorites being to the Polar Regions, Alaska and the Galapagos. Since 2006, she has used sea kayaks as her medium to explore the marine world. Floating on the water has provided many exciting encounters. One of Sarah’s most memorable polar experiences was from a kayak, watching a group of gentoo penguins forage and swim in the crystal-clear waters just off the shore of Antarctica's South Shetland Islands. Afloat on the calm ocean, listening to the ice crackle, feeling the wind on her face, and just enjoying the simple fluidity of the penguins moving through the water.

Sarah loves to connect people to the natural world by engaging their senses - she recommends putting the camera down and soaking in the polar wilderness by fully engaging in the sounds, sights and the tactility of this unique place - absorbing it respectfully.