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Sarah Hauser

About Sarah Hauser

Sea Kayak Guide
You may also see Sarah in the following role(s): Expedition Guide

Sarah grew up in Ontario, Canada, but now calls Vancouver Island home. Her connection to the outdoors began as a child when her parents took the family on canoe camping trips in the woods of Ontario. She has been working with adults and youth since 1998. Sharing her love of the outdoors is a passion for Sarah.

Sarah is a sea kayak guide, instructor and guide trainer in Canada. When Sarah has time off at home ..... you can't find her there! She's probably out on her mountain bike riding trails, exploring gravel roads on her gravel bike, hiking the mountains in her backyard, rock climbing or ski touring. Sarah lives for pretty much any activity that gets her outside and active.

Sarah has worked for Quark since 2019 and loves sharing special experiences with guests. One of her most memorable polar moments was "whilst kayak guiding amongst icebergs on a completely calm day, listening to the exhalation of an unseen minke whale when, out of the blue, it surfaced right beside our group. It was a super cool experience. The Polar Regions of this earth are truly awesome!"