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Arctic Watch

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is a family-run base-camp, hosted by arctic enthusiasts Josée Auclair and her husband, Richard Weber, along with their two sons, Tessum and Nansen. They are well known across the Canadian High Arctic as polar experts, particularly in Nunavut, and specialize in North Pole and arctic tourism.

In 2000, Josée and Richard opened Arctic Watch, Canada’s most northerly lodge on Somerset Island in Nunavut. Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is Nunavut’s largest and most unique tourism operation. In 2014, a proud partnership was forged with Quark Expeditions, as Arctic Watch became Quark’s first land-based expedition. The partnership represents an exciting new way for Quark guests to explore the Arctic, and in 2015 Quark and Arctic Watch were pleased to announce a bevy of new features and amenities at the lodge to mark this union.

Additional expertise comes from Quark Expeditions’ veteran polar expedition team members.